SNOW Removal

Each year, property owners and facilities managers across the United States face damage from snow and ice accumulation on their roofs. 

Commercial Rooftop Snow RemovalFrom heavy snowfalls to dangerous freeze-thaw cycles, Low-Slope Solutions has the experience necessary to defend your roof against structural damage and potential collapse. Although structural collapses are a piognant example of the concerns facing property owners, excessive snow can also cause damage to electric conduits, natural or propane gas lines, water or fluid piping, and other rooftop accessories.  

Snow accumulation may lead to several problems including:

  • Roof Leaks:  As snow melts and refreezes into ice, leaks may occur.  Additionally, because of building geometry, cold spots on the roof can cause ice to accumulate.  Ice formation on walls and around roof drainage may cause damage and subject tenants and customers to slip hazards.  
  • Icicle Formation: Although icicle formation is a normal part of the snow melting cycle, the formation of icicles over areas of high traffic areas could result in injury and damage to customers.  Conditions that allow icicle formation over sidewalks, entries, parking lots, and vehicular paths should be considered unacceptable and mitigation techniques should be used to reduce liability and structural concerns. 
  • Structural Concerns.  Although the weight of snow can vary dramatically from storm to storm, an ordinary solid square foot of ice weighs approximately 62lbs.  As a result, increasing ice and snow accumulation and lead to potential structural loading concerns including full or partial roof collapses.  

Snow Removal

Our teams of in-house field technicians are available before, during, and after the storm to protect our clients from significant building damage, liability, and financial losses.