When information counts, you need a roofing specialist with the experience and technology to evaluate the current condition of your roof.

From membrane concerns to moisture infiltration, Low-Slope Solutions has the expertise and technology to evaluate the current condition of your roof. Our roof inspections use innovative technology to analyze the condition of your roof and prevent costly repairs or replacement. With a thorough explanation of deficiencies and repair recommendations, Low-Slope Solutions provides you with the information necessary to prioritize repairs and estimate future expenditures.

Roof inspections can identify problems related to:

 Severe Weather-Approaching ThunderstormSEVERE WEATHER:

Damage from high winds, hail, snow, or other weather events may cause significant damage and trigger insurance claims or roof replacement. Regular inspections call attention to weathered areas that may lead to water infiltration and further roof deterioration.
 Broken Skylights are a security concern 


Broken skylights are not only a source of water leakage, but also allow thieves to enter the building. Regular inspections can disclose security breaches and prevent the threat of vandalism or burglary.

 Trade Damage can lead to deterioration of the membrane 


Damage can occur from tradesmen performing regular maintenance on rooftop units or failing to clean up their debris. Regular inspections from LSS incorporate roof cleaning and assess for water infiltration caused by other service professionals.

 Debris and leaves in the drainage areas prevent positive water flowDRAINAGE ISSUES:

Good drainage is a very important reason for regular roof inspections. Leaves and other debris often clog roof drains and creating standing water conditions. Regular roof inspections allow for regular roof cleaning and prevent the buildup of debris.
 Vegetation and plant growth in drainage areas are a roofing problem VEGETATION DAMAGE:

Vegetation can grow on roofs when drainage areas are not cleaned regularly. When tree roots penetrate the roof membrane, water infiltration will occur. Regular inspections can prevent vegetation growth and further damage.