Roof Repairs

Over 50 years of Repair Experience

Low-Slope Solutions is your defense against severe weather and our team of highly-trained field specialists is available 24/7 to stop roof leaks. Whether you require emergency repair services or regularly schedule maintenance and repair, our team of in-house field specialists will ensure that leaks are repaired effectively and operations are not interrupted.

Infrared Meter


Identifying Problems and Providing Solutions

From membrane concerns to moisture infiltration, Low-Slope Solutions has the expertise and technology to evaluate the current condition of your roof. Our roof inspections use innovative technology to analyze the condition of your roof and prevent costly repairs or replacement. With a thorough explanation of deficiencies and repair recommendations, Low-Slope Solutions provides you with the information necessary to prioritize repairs and estimate future expenditures.

Service Area

Our In-House Experts Near You

Low-Slope Solution is the leading expert in roof repairs and emergency services across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic corridors. Low-Slope Solution is constantly expanding our service area. If you do not see your service area listed, please contact us to discuss your service needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Saving You Before There's a Problem

From drainage issues to moisture infiltration, Low-Slope Solutions has the expertise to evaluate maintenance issues—protecting both your facility and your bottom line. Whether a client prefers annual, bi-annual, or seasonal maintenance, our team of roofing specialists can identify and correct problems at their early stages.

Snow Removal

Leaders in Snow Removal

From heavy snowfalls to dangerous freeze-thaw cycles, Low-Slope Solutions has the experience necessary to defend your roof system against structural damage and potential collapse. Our teams of in-house field specialists are available before, during, and after the storm to protect our clients from significant building damage, liability, and financial losses.

Emergency Services

Always Just a Call Away

Our emergency service is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year regardless of weather conditions. With our in-house field specialists strategically positioned throughout our service area, Low-Slope Solutions guarantees emergency service within 4 hours.